Sunday, September 30, 2012

September 2012

Can you believe it's October already tomorrow?
I cannot. We've had one of the hottest weekends in recent history with average temperatures from Friday to today at around 37°C. At the same time, it must have rained last night because my car is covered in dirt. And, as you know, I wouldn't go on about the weather if I didn't love fall so much and if my inner clock wasn't frustrated that scarves and sweaters just aren't an option yet.

On to better things.

The movie "Brave" with the kids. Michelle Obamas and Bill Clinton's speeches at the DNC. Countless videos by Every Day Food with Sarah Carey. I have become obsessed to put it mildly.

I re-discovered a lecture series I used to listen to on my ways back from university in those weeks I was writing my thesis and couldn't focus on books during my commute home. The first two weeks of school are usually spent covering school books in adhesive cling film, so this is what I listened to. (Learn something while doing something stupid!)
Also, hello, Mumford and Sons have released their second album which, I imagine, would be the perfect soundtrack for fall...

"A million little pieces" by James Frey - the book I had almost finished in August. I read it as a work of fiction and only afterwards looked up more about the author. As a piece of fiction I sort of liked it. As a memoir it's pretty irritating - the author fought an alcohol addiction is what's said about him. In the book he was 23 and addicted to every possible substance and had abused drugs since he was 10. 
This profile about President Obama
And then this book - "The dressmaker of Khair Khana" by Gayle Lemmon - (meh. The prologue is interesting the storytelling in the actual book is kind of amateurish and reminded me of this. I love books about Afghanistan, why do they have to disappoint so badly? I am sensing a trend here though: Books picked up at the bookstore in Amman.) which was followed by this one - "Tschick" by Wolfgang Herrndorf (a German book from home!) which was a fun, short read and in its ease of reading similar to the third book - "Und im Zweifel für dich selbst" by Elisabeth Rank - of the month although they had nothing in common except for easy language.
The fourth book this month (yes, four! Crazy right?!) was also German! But is available in English under the title of "World Cup Wishes". It's Eshkol Nevo's second book and I discovered it by chance and remembered how much I liked his first one which I read before going to Israel for some weeks for what feels like a century ago.

I made a kickass birthday cake (decorations by the husband!) this month. Filled with homemade lemon curd and frosted with not too sweet cream cheese frosting. I also made my favorite cupcakes, a lemon meringue tart (also with lemon curd filling; recipe by Yotam Ottolenghi) and a lot of other things I didn't take pictures of because I was helping a friend - and it was so much fun! - to make the food for her birthday party. We shall do that again sometime.

"Get to know your child." - a great lesson by the Open House presentation of my stepdaughters school. Also, rejection stings - deep and hard and painful. Especially by a kid who might not even mean it that way. Who might just miss her mother. But for whom the grass is greener on the other side all the time.

"Your birthday needs a real big ass cake - let me make one for you!"

About the absurdity of it all and life in general with a woman who is quickly turning from acquaintance and former sharer of apple pieces in french class to friend.

Wake up calls at 6 am are a pain in the ass more for me/us than for the kids but 6:10 am sunrises are pretty amazing, although very fleeting.

It's good to be home.


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