Wednesday, August 01, 2012

July 2012

It's more of a reminder that I had forgotten about. The Burning House Project. I still wonder what my choices would be and why I haven't done one myself.

This playlist is wonderful. I also fell in love with this song.

This poem. As well as this list (that's not only about traveling).

In regards to books: "The plot against America" by Philip Roth and "The Stranger" by Albert Camus. This is my second book by Camus and had I read this first I probably wouldn't continue with this author. I missed character development throughout the story. Roth, on the other hand, was different. Half historical account, half completely fictional. 

Jam - four kinds so far (Classic Peach Jam, Nectarine Jam, Italian Plum and Star Anise Jam and Cardamom Plum Jam).
A birthday cake for my mother in law and earlier in the month, on the 1st of Ramadan a kick ass dinner  for my family in law - soups, roasted chicken, sambusaks, filled egg plants, salads, earl grey and lavender ice cream - it was nice.

I can love yoga with the right instructions and the right instructor. And it is possible, though unexpected, to love hanging upside down along a wall with three strangers.

"Ali! The couch is not a trampoline!" (When did I turn into a petty bourgeois? Oh right, parenthood does that to you.)
"Be a lover not a hater."

How fat are you? The BBC is obviously pretty awesome with graphics. I loved this one too.

On a different note: I am coming back to an idea I've had and consequently given up on.

Also, if you saw my (stepchildren's) hamster sleep (I cannot get a good picture without opening the cage, opening the cage wakes him up...), it would restore your faith in humanity (a list I already shared but find it too good.I).

Yoga can have such an effect on you that you need to nap for 4 hours the day after AND go to sleep at your normal time without any problems.

Opening up.
Time is running. It's running so fast I want to grab it and hold on to it. 

Waiting for the call.Impatiently awaiting the sunset.

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