Monday, June 11, 2012

May 2012

"Pina" by Wim Wenders. One of those movies I meant to see in Berlin but never got around. We're lucky here in the sense that cultural events are mostly sponsored by the cultural institutes of various countries which means they're free.
I loved this movie so much. I want to see it again and again.

A lot of the usual - Florence & The Machine, Austra, Zola Jesus. Fallen for Birdy of whom I need to get my hands on more.
My clear favorite of the month though has been the discovery of 8tracks as an iPhone app. I had almost forgotten about it - there are more networks out there these days than I have the capacity to remember - only to discover it exists for the phone. So various playlists and their recommended alternatives have been plenty on rotation. Listening to 8tracks is more about a mood. I don't listen in all that intentional.

Brooklyn by Colm Toibin.
"Das Leben ist eine Karawanserei, hat zwei Türen, aus einer cam ich rein, aus der anderen ging ich raus" by Emine Özdamar - I disliked this award winning, highly praised book. I just couldn't get begin it. The endless repetitions of things, the style of writing, the story itself. The only reason I kept on dragging it with me for the better part of May was: it was German, I don't have many German books around right now.

A birthday cake. Brioche.
A girl very happy when I fulfilled her a dream and chopped a good part of her hair off.
Countless worst case scenarios.

Learn as much as you can when you can preferably during your formal education. As soon as you leave college/university/school your learning experience will not be as good.
See also: je suis étudiante à l'institut français de Jordanie.

Also: Worries are a horrible waste of time better used for other things.

See: learnt.

I am not done learning. I am not done being a student.
Parents at snobby schools are it much different to high school. While the men get along, the women build alliances and in and out groups. It's all too much drama over nothing.

I am ready for a summer break.
Getting impatient about seeing my city again.

(A new sort of series. A new sort of account. A monthly discovery thing. Freely adapted from here.)

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