Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How things don't go as planned

An exclusive feature about "How things don't go as planned" in this German-Arab household:

If we're friends on Facebook you already know the following as I posted it this today morning:
"Guess whose children have a European citizenship that requires no Schengenvisa? And guess whose passport wasn't checked if it expires soon? And guess how long a new passport takes? (Mine! Theirs! 4 to 6 fucking weeks!) Guess whose changing summer plans for the umpteenth time?"
I know, I know! We're so much fun to hang around with. It's a mixture of bad comedy with some drama (considering that this vacation has been something like this: We're coming on the 3rd July! No, we changed that we're now coming on the 10th! Scratch that, the kids summer camp starts on the 16th and we want to spend 10 days in Berlin, we're coming on the 5th!).
Planning with lots of time in advance isn't really my husbands our strong suit.

So, yes, my stepchildren are in the lucky possession of a European citizenship thanks to their mother. These passports have expired (of course they have! Children's passports are only valid for 5 years.). So we need new ones. And yes, that will take weeks (hopefully less than 6).
We discussed our options and one of the scenarios saw us applying for a Schengenvisa for the kids with their Jordanian passports. But even that would take 2 weeks and it's not certain that they would receive it.
In the end we decided that it is no use trying to push things to keep with our original tickets and bookings (Ramadan is coming in a month, my husbands sisters are here only during July, nobody is getting hurt, spending less time in Jordan during Ramadan isn't such a bad thing.).
(The one scenario we couldn't agree on was the one in which I still go to Berlin in July albeit for a shorter period of time. That was a bummer, but the husband refused to negotiate it.)

So we're postponing our journey to August (early in the month for me, mid-August for the husband and kids). This way, we will actually be able to stay for more than the 10 days the husband had originally planned for.

And I just have to restart my countdown. Which is cruel. It was down to 9 days. 

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