Sunday, April 01, 2012

Something random: On bold colors in fashion.

On two separate occasions last week I had two women say and/or agree with me that bold colors in fashion are, unfortunately, a rare sight in Jordan and what a pity it was that Jordanian women played it  safe with black, white and beige. Having the guts to stand out is not a strong suit of your average Ammani always on the lookout for being judged.
(The clothes in the shops of the big retailers are as colorful as elsewhere in the world but are mostly worn by: Teenagers or at home/in private.)

And while, also unfortunately, I am not an exception to this muted color choice, I wish it was different. Being a Western woman already draws so much attention (and not in a good way), it's annoying.
(I try. On a small scale. Like the Urbanears I bought in Beirut last week.)

(That's an excuse of course. There are plenty of places in West-Amman I could take my bold colored skinny pants for a walk. But I am not exactly known for being brave.)

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