Saturday, April 21, 2012

Filling my time.

(Let's pretend this 20 day silence never happened, shall we? I got a little busy recently with a major (man) cold and then my parents came for a visit. My plan is to make up for all this within the coming week!)

Way back at the beginning of March I found a flyer on my desk. It was an advertisement by the institute francais of Jordan for their spoken Arabic courses. The flyer dated back to January.
A quick search revealed that very soon, the next semester for language courses would start. Much to my delight I learned there were Arabic and French courses.

So two mornings and two evenings a week I stare at something like this now.
So this happens twice a week now too.So this is happening twice a week now.

Because, yes, how could you even ask - I decided it would be a great idea to take French and Arabic classes at the same time.
I figured I had enough time (10 to 12:30 in the mornings; 6:30 to 9 in the evenings) if coordinated with my husband for two nights a week and by taking the very beginner beginner course in French I wouldn't be overwhelmed.
(Yes, when I was in highschool I learned French but it was a rather troubling experience that left me with the ability to conjugate a verb or two but also with very little confidence in my own language skills. So now I learn at snail speed but that's fine.

I finally feel like I am filling my time with something useful and enjoyable so it's a win-win (it's, actually, a quadruple win as I am getting much more comfortable in Arabic around my husbands family and I will be prepared when my stepchildren start taking French in school! (Which, point taken, will take another three years. And yes, of course, I learn things to teach my stepchildren. That's the number one reason why it's paying off to know the basics of music as they take piano lessons.)

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