Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I am still not sure who (if anyone) reads this blog and though I wish there was more conversation I am okay with it. It's like keeping a journal - a public one I know but as long as I am fine with that, I continue doing this.
(I would love to hear from you! And if you're curious about expat living in Jordan - ask! I am trying to figure out if Amman/foreigner point of view posts would interest you or how I should incorporate them better!)

Anyway, last week one of the blogs I follow and adore included me in her list of favorite blogs for something called "Liebster Award" - and as she quotes the creator of this award: "It's all about spreading the love".  I have never heard of this award before nor of its creator - and how could I? There are millions of blogs out there and I only read a handful. But isn't it a lovely idea?

About the woman who nominated me: I found Katrin from Taking Notes while browsing flickr one day and have been reading her blog ever since. Just six months ago she moved into an old country house and has been slowly renovating it with her husband. I really like what she has been doing so far and love her style. Thank you including me in your list!

So, here are the rules to play along:
1. Thank the giver and link back to them.
2. Nominate 5 other blogs with less than 200 followers.
3. Copy and paste the award on your blog.
4. Hope that the 5 you nominate will keep the cycle going to spread all that good blogging karma!

So far I have done 1. and 3. Time for no.2.

I don't think I follow any blogs with less than 200 followers. I am not doing that on purpose, it just happened this and not another way. So, instead I am just going to nominate my favorite ones. There are so many out there and even if they're big and get lots of traffic you might not know them.

1. Letters from the end consumer. I don't remember how I found Emi, who lives in Stockholm with her husband and kids. She is a running enthusiast, a lover of art and observer of small things. I also love that she doesn't take herself too serious.

2. Jason Hudson. Or "These Roving Eyes". Toronto based photographer, music lover and great cook. On this blog he combines all three passions and shares them with the world. There are recipes, glimpses from his work (e.g. during Fashion week) and his favorite music, in neat packages ready to be downloaded.

3. Pacing the Panic room. Another man, another photographer. Pacing the panic room is Ryan's personal blog where he shares stories about his beautiful family, stuff they are going through (like his latest beautiful post "life with sms") and allows insight into his world. I love how he captures it all.

4. Hula Seventy. This blog was among the first ones I ever read (which isn't all that long ago, come to think of it. In the blog world (reading and writing) I am somewhat of a late bloomer) and I have been following her work for years. Andrea is an inspiring artist who does great things with her various polaroid cameras. Her blog is pure eye candy.

5. Seven spoons. I found Tara's blog (another Canadian) and fell in love instantly. She has such an amazing way with words, the stories she combines with her recipes are full of life, color and detail. As a nominee (and winner) of several awards (Saveur Sites we love 2011 and the like) Tara clearly doesn't belong into category No. 2 of the Liebster award but it would feel wrong to leave her out.

Thanks again Katrin for nominating me!

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  1. You´re welcome. Loved to see what your picks are! :)