Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Film is not dead: First three month impressions.

Ever since getting the iPhone for Christmas I have found it much easier to take pictures. So that's good.
It hasn't necessarily made me take more pictures with my analog camera.
So what follows are pictures from the past 2 and a half months.

The husband says hi!
We went to the Jordan valley in mid-January. The husband took my picture too!

Afternoon walk.
The next day, we took my parents in law for a walk. It's remarkable because it never happens. My mother in law didn't know what to make of it while my father in law found it amusing.

A couple of weeks, the unexpected happened: It snowed. But only in some places, making us chase after patches which resulted in this:
And then there was snow.
(Can you see my stepdaughter is wearing rain boots? It shows how prepared Jordanians are for this weather. At least we had bought gloves on clearance although it never seemed to get cold enough their existence in our cupboards.)

Solo parking.

Snow gave way to some Spring like weather.
A rare sight. These two love each other but rarely love the camera. The things you do to capture daffodils.
Brother and Sister.

I have another film at the developer. A film I almost entirely shot in one day last weekend when my husband, my father in law and I drove North to visit the farm.

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