Friday, February 24, 2012

Whole Wheat Cinnamon Snacking Cake.

Just some days ago I told you about the struggles we are facing with continuous weight gain of my stepdaughter, and here I am, telling you about a cake.

But this is not an ordinary cake. It's a snacking cake. And it contains whole wheat flour (in part), all brown sugar and some tang from buttermilk (or yogurt).

Last week to the day I found a new to me blog (it went like this: Molly of Orangette wrote a post and linked to all sorts of new places including this apple cake and as this happened to be at a point where I had some time to spare I started to read this new blog whose author has a compelling habit of linking back to posts of the past (she is also a very talented photographer and I really loved her style of writing).
And this is how I landed on a post from July last year.
The very next day (weekends here are Fridays and Saturdays), after breakfast, my husband asked for something sweet on the weekend. I remembered this, I had everything on hand, I made a cake. We ate it. And loved it. The end.

I made only the smallest changes which is why I won't write the recipe down. Although it's quite heavy (I think) on the butter for a not very big cake (2/3 cup, 150 grams), it didn't taste heavy or too rich. The cinnamon flavor is warm and not overpowering and the yogurt/milk lends some moisture. I also loved the nuttiness of the whole wheat flour. We ate it with some whipped cream. Jam would be great too or even pure and unadorned. The original is already linked to above. I didn't use the full amount of vanilla because seriously a tablespoon? I like vanilla (like not love) but this was a cinnamon cake not a vanilla cake. I used dark brown sugar (which was a suggested alternative) (the whole amount and it wasn't too sweet) and half yogurt half milk as buttermilk isn't available here. I also baked part of it in a mini loaf pan to share with my mother in law. It made my cakes bake for a shorter period of time but I didn't write down how long. The tester inserted in the center and your gut feeling are your best bet here.

Whole wheat cinnamon snacking cake.

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