Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Internet reading in January so far.

Things I have read on the internet in January so far include some interesting articles. I am feeling very generous today and thought I'd share. And I might do this more often if you like it.

There was another art project I stumbled upon. I am a sucker for time lapses. This one shows the whole of 2010 in one picture.

As I have become rather obsessed with instagram (but in a good way! Promise! It makes me take more pictures. I am still working on picking up the camera more but I am already calling it a success.) and found this article pretty explanatory for myself but also for those who aren't very familiar with the app.

I generally don't like tumblrs (probably because I don't understand the concept and because I don't want to understand them) but there are some exceptions, of course. There is the one about Kim Jong Il which feels almost like a classic by now. Recently I found this one and it's equally amusing.

If time and money permitted and whatever else hinders year round traveling this list by the New York times would be guideline along the world.

How school life could be I found in an article about a swedish school. I love the architecture and every concept behind it. When I think about the teachers alone I used to have in school this would not be an option. And while Sweden is setting a positive example, a story in Texas is rather different and scary.

I am a big fan of Mark Bittman who is an excellent cookbook author and contributor to the New York Times. This article about a decreasing meat consumption in America made me a little hopeful without getting my hopes up.

I am also a fan of David Sedaris (I need more of his books. Last count was only 4) and wish to see him read one day. He gave an interview recently which is funny and worth reading!

But articles aren't the only thing I have found online in the past. My favorite music of the last weeks has come from a variety of artists. To name a few: Zola Jesus, Austra and, because it doesn't fit, at all, Alexander.
The first two I found thanks to the amazing playlists the amazing Jason Hudson creates. He is also an incredibly talented photographer and has a way with words I love. If you like music and photography you should check out his blog regularly.
The latter I found through Holly who's blog I have been reading for a good three years now. She's made a list of "Songs That Drove My Neighbors Crazy" which has led to a few impulse purchases on iTunes including the album by Iron & Wine she posted. I am now impatiently waiting for the 27th of January when Lana del Rey's album becomes available (I didn't like the song at first, gave it a chance and fell head over heels when I heard it round two towards infinity).

I am also planning to think about all the book I read this year. Let's see if I can come with enough to write about. For Christmas I got some really nice ones too. Let's talk about books next, yes?!

Down the street.I love this tree. Oranges in winter fresh from the tree.

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