Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Berlin on Instagram, part II

First things first: Happy New Year!
I hope you had a blast! And nobody got hurt. And that 2012 will be everything you want it to be and then some!
We had quite the quiet evening inviting my husbands family (his sisters who live in the Gulf showed up for a surprise visit) for a cheese fondue and taking it easy all around.

When my husband arrived we took it easy for two days with the family.
There was tree decorating. And afternoon cookies.
Tree decorating.Cookie platter, Christmas cake, coffee.

There was a feast of roasted duck.
Soon. Roasted duck.Countdown till lunch.

There were after lunch walks and the keeping of traditions.
After lunch walk. Favorite part about Christmas.Keeping traditions. Photobooth.

But there was more. Endless rounds of Gl├╝hwein at the Christmas market and more walking, walking, walking.
Second day of Christmas lunch at the Christmas market.Christmas market late afternoon.
Neon.TV Tower. Berlin at night.

There was food, of course! Korean lunch and hot chocolate.
Bibimbap lunch at yamyam in Mitte, Berlin.Hot chocolate and almond biscuit = perfect afternoon snack.

We also went to the c/o Berlin. If I can't make it to any museum (our last minute, "let's go now"-plan was thwarted because apparently ALL tourists had decided to go to a museum on December 28) the c/o Berlin always works. And never disappoints (even if the exhibitions did, I would just go because of the location. They don't, luckily.).
Window. Brick. Tiles.At the c/o Berlin. Love that place.

And yes, apparently I have turned into one of those people who take pictures with their mobiles in public spaces. BUT! There are film pictures. I am just not sure you still want to see those when they are finally developed. Right now they are sitting next to me on the desk. So, instagram/mobile pictures will have to do for now.

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