Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gingerbread anything.

I have one distinct memory of making a gingerbread house when I was a kid.
It was a ready made kit and all you had to do was assemble and decorate it.
Not knowing where we went wrong (the royal icing too thin?!) I just know that it was a disaster. Collapsing walls and ceilings and not the fun and joy it's supposed to be.

I've always wanted to try it again, but having kids - of some sort - is mandatory.
So this year, with my stepchildren around, I embraced the gingerbread house making and we came up with this.

Gingerbread House.

The kids had a blast, I am cured from my fear. I also thought we would keep said house in the house given that our Christmas decorating was limited to a few string lights and paper snowflakes along our biggest window.
Alas, I wouldn't have it my way. As soon as the last m&m was glued on and the sprinkles were (almost literally) licked off the table, my stepchildren asked when a) we would be able to eat it and b) when we would make another one. They are greedy like that.
It was soon decided that we'd let one of them take the house to school to share with the class.
So, what to do with the other kid who did not, to no surprise, like the idea of parting with the house without getting anything of it?!

Well, I bought those.

And then we made these.
It's a party in the kitchen. More gingerbread people.

And these as well.

Today. Gingerbread people.

(Did we overdo it? I searched for inspiration online and found those to be utterly bland and boring.)

The kid took them to school, everybody loved them, his teacher asked for the recipe and we now have a surplus of candy at home leftover from the decorating (I am not complaining).

With this post, I am also sharing something else with you: I have discovered that if my husband doesn't want to buy me an iPhone (besides the unavailability of the 4s in Jordan as of now),  I will just have to snatch it away from him to no longer miss out on the joy that is instagram. I'd been looking at other peoples pictures on the iPad we own, but didn't realize I could take pictures with that too (The two ginger bread people pictures were taken with it and although the quality is fine one the screen, it does show here that the iPhone camera is clearly superior in low light situations. I am practicing and so it's okay).
So, as weird as it feels, taking pictures with a mobile (or even the iPad) has much less intimidating qualities as taking pictures with a real camera (I took her out with me on Saturday to the city of Salt, it was grand!).

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