Monday, November 21, 2011

Week fifty. One day at a time.

I have two more Monday posts write after this one goes up.
Then my little project of trying to write on a regular basis will end and I will have to find new ways.

Throughout today, I thought of so many little detailed things to write about.
Nothing particularly mind blowing, just small tidbits of my every day life.
Of course now, that I sit down to write about these things, nothing comes to mind.
Here is something:
I am very much surprised with the fact that I am falling in love with this "autumn" thing in Amman. I have written about my love for autumn over 40 weeks ago, back in March, when I thought Amman would lack those seasons I so cherish from home.
Of course, autumn here is not like autumn where I come from. It's still warmer, it didn't rain - at all - until 2 weeks ago.
But things feel different. The air smells better. Sunrise and sunset are beautiful scenes with amazing colors. (I am lucky, I see the sunrise every Sunday to Thursday morning when I wake my stepchildren for school. We wake up at 6am, with the sunrise.)
I miss the fallen leaves on the ground. Amman doesn't have a lot of trees that aren't evergreen.
Today, while browsing through my flickr stream I found this picture and sighed. As weird as it may be but those branches of ilex are winter for me. It's intertwined.
(In the same way as branches of cherry trees are part of Spring. Bare branches with barely an indicator of life in them, turn at home in a vase with water into blossoming signs of the new season that is upon us.)


There is something else:
I am happy to report that this household is back to recycling again!
The opportunity to recycle is still a rather young option in a country that treats plastic bags not as an endemic disease as they should be treated as. It's a country where people deliberately litter the streets while minding their own business and throw garbage out of their cars with no care in the world.
When I first heard about the opportunity to bring recycle items I jumped to it. Anything to reduce the amount of household trash. You'd be surprised how little trash is left if you take your plastics and papers out of that trash can. I don't know how the impact is of our little recycling station in the laundry room where we placed three containers: paper, plastic, aluminum cans, but it feels good. And it's better than nothing.
After dropping three shopping bags full of trash at the recycling center today (yes, different to Germany, here you go to the center, the center doesn't come collecting your stuff) I took my reusable shopping bags and went grocery shopping. I was very happy with myself until I looked around to see how little everyone around me cared.


In the same way as we recycle our milk bottles, my husband and I have started to collect our expired medicine. In Germany, it is the pharmacies duty to accept expired medicine and treat it as hazardous waste, therefore avoiding said medication from entering the water cycle.
Something like this doesn't exist here in Jordan. Pharmacies neither are liable nor do they take care of their own waste in appropriate ways. But that didn't stop my husband.
He went from the Ministry of Health (our first idea of where to turn to) to the Ministry of Environment where he was greeted with astonishment in a way that sounded like a scene out of a bad comedy.


I am unsure how much sense all this made above. I am terribly sleep deprived and although it's only Monday I am already looking forward to sleeping in and making up for this lack of sleep.

{Fifty down, two more to go.}

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