Monday, October 31, 2011

Week Forty Seven. One day at a time.

I learned the past week how to wear a scarf in 25 different ways (technically, I think, there is a repetition but it really doesn't matter).

I learned that something don't get old and I could watch them again and again. Like this flashmob from March at the Central train station in Berlin.

I realized with a sense of shock that my stepson's birthday was less than 3 weeks away from us (10 days from now today exactly) and we hadn't planned anything yet.
I had wanted to do something fun for him (especially given that we won't be celebrating on his actual birthday). I wanted to do that because his birthday falls on the last day of Eid Al-Adha, the sacrifice holiday, which means no school for 1 week.
Which also means I need to get the invitations done before Thursday to have a chance in receiving RSVP's from his classmates.
Which brings me to the following: In Jordan, whole classes have to be invited (25 kids) (!) and if I were to open a business, it would be an indoor children's activity/play thing as they must make loads of money.
And we're doing a party anyway. It's going to be grand.
It's going to be all about pirates.

What I still haven't learned after all these years: To stop beating myself up and to just do something instead of delaying and delaying it. Like phone calls. I have been meaning to call the mother of one of my stepdaughters friends literally for weeks. And always only remembered at times it didn't fit. And when I finally did call today I hoped with every ring that she wouldn't pick up because, oh god, what am I going to tell her why I haven't called already?! She didn't pick up, she called back. My sentences, carefully composed in my head beforehand, didn't matter.
My timing is a little off with a 10 day holiday right ahead but better now then never.

{Forty Seven down, five more to go.}

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