Monday, October 17, 2011

Week Forty Five. One day at a time.

On Saturday night, after a weekend at the Dead Sea, the house was dark and silent and I wasted some time on the internet. Like I often do.
The internet can have this rabbit hole effect and somehow I ended up on this website and decided to give it a try.
The websites name is up for debate but the concept behind it is lovely.
I am a complainer by nature, I oftentimes cannot help myself. My expectations are high in me and in others, it has to lead to disappointments.

Happy Rambles, on the other hand, is a gratitude journal. A way to focus on the good and keep track of it. Even if it's just small things, subtle little details that often get lost on the day to day.
You certainly don't need another account, you could keep a journal without their website. But how often do you start with the best intentions and then forget about it when life gets the better out of you?
I do. Quite often actually.
So that's where the journal comes in handy. They send you an email every day. Preferably in the evening. All you have to do is reply with your days thoughts on gratitude.
I have a smartphone, I receive my emails wherever I am. Replying took less than 10 minutes yesterday because I expected that email and because I had thought about that journal throughout the day.
It kept me aware and attentive for the things I should be grateful for.

Yesterday was easy though. I took my parents up North to the Roman city of Jerash and then even further to Ajloun where we marveled at the Ajloun castle.
It's great to have my parents here. It's great to have them finally see the city I chose to live in.
I love going up North. The landscape changes so quickly in Jordan, this small country. There are forests on the mountains up there and the air smells fresh and of pine even in the summer.

{Forty Five down, seven more to go.}

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