Sunday, October 09, 2011

New members to the household: Turtles.

Our household is constantly growing with little creatures and new members.
The most recent addition is a set of two tiny turtles.
They live in the water, in a pyrex dish to be precise, on the kitchen counter by the window. 

I am not sure how happy they are with us around. We, to be honest, didn't pick them. My mother in law brought them in one day, "for the kids", and now, naturally, it is on us (or me) to take care of them. The kids are only interested when reminded of their existence.

Mini turtle in the pyrex dish.

My uncertainty of the turtles happiness comes from the fact that one of them is a rather lethargic little fellow who seems content just floating around (or has simply accepted her prison) while the other one strongly reacts to movement. Whenever somebody passes their pool she (he?) starts swimming against the dish in an attempt to get out. 
S/he is been successful more than twice. Once landing in the sink where she was easily found and returned, once she was gone for more than 10days. 
One of my mother's favorite sayings: A house doesn't lose anything, didn't seem to hold true to that one. We searched everywhere, suspected the cat of snatching the poor thing out of the dish and wondered what happened. 10days later s/he reappeared and was majorly annoyed when we placed her back into the dish. Another attempt of fleeing was conducted but she was found among the flower pots surrounding her pool.

Mini turtle.

I pity them for the small space they have and for living with us instead of outside but I don't know what to do with them or where to bring them. They are native to the country and will stay with us until I know.

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