Monday, May 30, 2011

Week Twenty Seven. One Day at a time.

Today, I am bringing you one observation and 2 quotes.

First, the observation: 
Kids sound a lot like animals escaped from the zoo when you only hear them. And something else I read recently in the regards to kids:
The thing I really don't like about children are their parents. 
I have found this to be true more often than not. Parents have ruined children for me.

And now for the quotes in pretty fonts:

Yes, yes this is important to remember. Too often we are bound in our thoughts about obligations and duties while forgetting to change things. While forgetting that (wait for it!): We are the masters of our destiny. 

Also, I aspire to the next one. One day. I tell you. One day.

There are so many great cities out there. But still. I haven't been to Paris since 2005. It was July. I had just finished high school. I didn't know of all the places to eat. I hadn't heard of them yet. I did a lot of sightseeing though, so next time I go I can focus on the food and forget about the rest...

{Twenty seven down, twenty five more to go.}
Past the halfway point! It's only getting better now, isn't it?!

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