Wednesday, March 17, 2010

First steps.

Let’s turn this blog into what the tag line says: Searching for the right.
And let’s talk about something I think about most of my waking hours (and sometimes dreams): Food.
I love food. I love reading about it, talking about it, shopping for it, discovering new things, broadening my palate, cooking, baking and enjoying good food in company. One could say, and one would be right, I am obsessed with food to an extent that I am ignorant if other people are not. I could stare at them in disbelief and won't they don’t care. Or are concerned.
Thinking about food for me is such a broad subject. It is not only about the shopping for food or gadgets or the eating of it and enjoying the company. It is so much more.

Whenever I speak about food or think about it, I am not referring to food as a sum of more or less nutrients. I don't favor specific ingredients over others because they are considered healthier or supposed to cure or prevent diseases.
I have very few basic understandings of what I want food to be. I am, however, struggling to put those understandings in practice for numerous reasons. I can't handle junk food around me - because I will eat it. Even though I know that it's crap and nothing else.
One of the reasons why food has become so important to me is it’s connectivity to environment. I do not think that a consumer with a conscience can buy food without considering what he is doing to the environment.
It concerns me what we do to this planet. How we suck all life out of it just to have more on our plate.
It concerns me that the climate changes because we cannot give up our demand for meat.
It concerns me that they are people lobbying for the increase in production of food – although we throw out so much.
It concerns me that developing countries have to increasingly fight first world health problems like diabetes, coronary heart diseases and high blood pressure because the more they “westernize” the more their traditional food gets replaced with the “All American Diet”.
It concerns me that my mother is taking pills to lower her blood pressure and complains about her overweight but doesn’t take the first and necessary step: change her diet.
It concerns me that our oceans are emptying and we still demand more.
And it annoys me badly that so many people are not the least bit concerned. That they are unwilling to make concessions for the sake of the future.
Take fish as an example – the seas of this beautiful planet are pretty much empty, google it if you don’t believe me. With the massive demand of food – that already led to aquaculture (or do you believe anyone would go through the hassle of raising fish if they didn’t have to?) – our children will not know that the sea was once a place for thousands of different species. If we don’t change the way we eat, our children will have none of it.
I am unable to see environment and consumption as two separate issues. And I am planning to finally make the changes and write about them here.

Monday, March 08, 2010

What I did recently.

Hi there! Anybody reading this? No? Okay. I don't mind. Really. At other times I would, but right now I am fine with it. Because I know that not everybody is already having his/her share of spring. And telling you about the 30°C that are out there right now with a baby blue sky and sunshine, sunshine and more sunshine, just seems cruel. But as no one is watching, I can just show off what I saw this past weekend. I saw spring in full bloom. I saw what it is like when quite some winter rain with a good portion of sun hits a meadow. It was beautiful. Warm rays of sunshine. Flowers wherever I looked. I wanted to stay there and never leave again. And then the sun disappeared and reminded me that it is still early. And freezing sometimes. Although I know, freezing might be relative. How is the weather in your corner of the world? What are you doing right now to celebrate spring?